Logo and Materials Development

for the Early Childhood Workforce Connector

The Early Childhood Workforce Connector logo, pages from their brand book, and resource.
Pages from the Early Childhood Workforce Connector brand book.
Early Childhood Workforce Connector logo.
Early Childhood Workforce Connector document.

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor, WRMA (a TriMetrix subsidiary) established the Early Childhood Workforce Connector (ECWC) to expand Registered Apprenticeship programs in early childhood education (ECE). One of the ECWC’s first tasks was to create a brand identity. The team engaged the Learning and Resource Center to develop a logo, select a color scheme, and create branded materials that represented this new endeavor.  

The LRC design team guided the ECWC staff through the development of their logo and branded materials, strategically targeting ECE employers, systems leaders, and workforce development partners. We offered multiple logo concepts and collaborated with key stakeholders to refine and finalize the graphic. Our team provided multiple color schemes for leadership to consider, ensuring that all options met color contrast standards for accessibility. Following the selection of a finalized logo and color scheme, the LRC created a comprehensive brand book, encompassing typography, color codes, logo usage guidelines, and stock imagery to serve as a reference for future projects. In addition, we equipped the ECWC team with customized PowerPoint and Word templates to make future content development more efficient while maintaining consistency with their chosen fonts and color scheme. Our team continues to support ECWC with design, marketing, and accessibility services.

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