Marketing and Communications Strategy and E-learning Modules

for the Office of Research Integrity

Digital materials including e-learning modules and an online meeting were created for the Office of Research Integrity.
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The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health’s Office of Research Integrity (ORI) produces a plethora of resources for its target audiences, including a national network of research integrity officers, those who train them, and the public. However, these audiences expressed a lack of knowledge of these resources and frustration with finding the ones they did know about. In response, ORI sought to enhance its outreach, education, and community support programs and selected WRMA’s Learning and Resource Center due to our experience with communications, website design and development, and e-learning module development.

Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan

The LRC analyzed ORI’s existing programs and outreach efforts to create a comprehensive strategic communications plan designed to improve audiences’ awareness and use of resources. A key step in developing the plan involved WRMA’s facilitation of multiple focus groups with ORI’s target audiences. Included in the plan, we provided stakeholder profiles, core messaging, and website analysis. Next, we outlined recommendations for website enhancements, digital marketing strategy, conference and outreach efforts, and staffing and workflows to improve communications. With this guidance, ORI is positioned to take actions to effectively reach out to their stakeholders.

Website Design Mockups

The LRC used Google Analytics to generate quantitative data reports on ORI’s current website. The data pulled focused on ORI’s goals for the project: to learn more about its specific audiences and how they are using and navigating the website. We combined this quantitative data with qualitative data from the multiple focus group meetings. The LRC used these findings to develop drafted website mockups. We presented several mockups to ORI to gather initial feedback from stakeholders and used the feedback to refine the drafts into a final mockup.

E-learning Courses

The LRC created engaging and interactive e-learning courses to improve ORI’s audiences’ awareness of ORI’s role and processes. The first e-learning course was designed for new ORI staff as an onboarding tool. The second was for a national network of research integrity officers. Both courses provided learners with a core understanding of the federal regulations governing their work. Then, learners walk through the steps surrounding core functions of their jobs via a series of engaging interactive learning scenarios and click-and-reveals developed by LRC instructional designers.

All materials created by the LRC were 508 compliant.

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