Logo and Icon Development

for Think Small

Colorful rectangles with icons and text representing key topics in early childhood education. A before and after logo of two people-like figures on a phone screen.
A before and after of a logo with two people-like figures on a phone with text bubbles.
Colorful rectangles with icons and text representing key topics in early childhood education.
One of the icon series is shown in an email displayed on a phone screen.

Minnesota-based nonprofit Think Small had recently gone through a large rebranding effort but lacked the internal design and communications capacity to fully implement it. Think Small turned to the Learning and Resource Center (LRC) as a support to achieve its vision due to our design and marketing skills coupled with our depth of experience in the early childhood field. 

Think Small needed a variety of its smaller assets, including project logos and an icon series, updated or created to align with its new visual identity. For each asset, LRC designers provided multiple concepts for Think Small’s review before integrating their feedback and finalizing the files. Few rounds of review and revisions were needed, thanks to our deep expertise in early childhood. As a result, Think Small saved time and was able to start incorporating the logos and icons into its marketing materials quickly. 

  • Parent Powered Texts logo. Parent Powered Texts is a Think Small digital resource for parents of young children, offered in a variety of languages. 
  • Icon series. Think Small’s e-learning courses align with the Child Development Associate® (CDA) credential. LRC designers created custom-drawn icons to visually represent the course categories and highlight this alignment.  


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Think Small has trusted us with numerous projects.

Explore the digital and print marketing materials and e-learning modules we created for them, all tailored to early childhood providers and families.

A laptop and tablet with Think Small materials shown on the screen.
A co-branded Think Small and Redleaf Press conference booth display showing the designs of their backdrop and table cloth.
A collaged image showing a laptop, tablet, and mobile device. Each screen shows a different slide from the Think Small e-Learning modules.

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