Interactive tool

for internal controls self-assessment

Samples of the interactive self assessment tool, including the cover page and one fillable page, each shown in their own laptop. A sample pdf page is also shown.
The cover page of the interactive self assessment tool, shown on a laptop.
A sample fillable page of the interactive self-assessment tool, shown on a laptop.
A sample pdf page of the interactive self assessment tool.

On behalf of the TriMetrix subsidiary WRMA’s National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability (NCSIA), the Learning and Resource Center modernized this self-assessment tool, which assists grantees in assessing how well their policies and procedures meet the Child Care and Development Fund’s (CCDF) regulatory requirements. The LRC transformed the instrument into a more user-friendly format, incorporating interactivity and visual interest. The instrument can be completed digitally, or it can be printed and completed as a hard copy.

Prior to the development of this interactive PDF, this tool was an Word document using the same categories and considerations. Wanting to create a simpler, more attractive experience for users, NCSIA’s program integrity team reached out to the LRC for an improved solution. In addition to wanting to update the appearance of the tool, the LRC ensured the new, interactive tool was readable and in plain language and was fully accessible to users with visual and other disabilities.

The Grantee Internal Controls Self-Assessment Instrument can be found on NCSIA’s website.

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