Fraud Error Rate

e-Learning module

A collaged image showing a laptop, tablet, and mobile device. Each screen shows a different slide from the Fraud Error Rate e-Learning module.
A laptop showing the cover slide for the Fraud Error Rate e-Learning module.
A tablet showing a slide from the Fraud Error Rate e-Learning module, where a slider is used to help learners move through the three steps shown.
A mobile device showing an interactive slide from the Fraud Error Rate e-Learning module.

On behalf of TriMetrix’s subsidiary WRMA and its client, the Office of Child Care, the Learning and Resource Center is developing a series of interactive tools to help state early childhood administrators increase program integrity and accountability while decreasing fraud within the early childhood program.

The module demonstrates the LRC’s ability to utilize complex variables within Articulate Storyline. The error rate review is a process through which Child Care and Development Fund Lead Agencies measure eligibility errors and improper payments in their programs by reviewing 276 case records and reporting error measures, causes, and plans to reduce errors. The e-Learning module orients new Lead Agency staff to the error rate review.

The LRC provided copy editing services for the project, improving readability and use of grammar and aligning with AP style. Additionally, the LRC designed this tool with accessibility in mind. The tool is 508 compliant, ensuring it is fully accessible to users with visual and other disabilities.

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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

Administration for Children and Families (ACF)

Office of Child Care (OCC)

WRMA (TriMetrix subsidiary)

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